Hi, there! My name is Samantha Bolotine, but you’re welcome to call me Sam. I am a web designer and developer, currently residing in Pennsylvania, who loves to create elegant and flawless websites.

I typically spend most of my designing time in Photoshop and Illustrator. Some of my favorite parts of designing include (but are not limited to) photo manipulation and logo creation. The endless possibilities and significant amount of experimentation are what really define my love of design. As for coding, I typically work with HTML5, SASS, and JQuery. My love for solving problems and putting my brain to work is what really helps me thrive in the development area. My trusty debugging duck sidekick, Sir Edgar, also likes to help me out from time to time.

Although I am still fairly new to the industry, having only finished my schooling in June of 2016, I have done a fair share of projects on my own in order to practice my current skills and learn new ones.

Many people will agree that I am a very detail-oriented person and a strong problem solver. I also consider myself to be very versatile in the workplace, so no matter what I am doing or who I am working with, I am always able to get the job done and do the job well.

I earned my AA in Web Design & Development from Harrisburg Area Community College and furthered my front-end coding studies by earning two more certificates at the New York Code & Design Academy in Philadelphia. For the past 8 years I have worked at Fairmount Homes Retirement Community. Although this hasn’t directly helped me with my design and development work, this has greatly improved my communication skills and taught me how to take initiative in a fast-paced environment.

In my free time (you know, when my face isn’t buried in my laptop) I enjoy music, video games, and spending time surrounding myself with the ones I love. I’m definitely a hard worker, but I love to laugh and am ultimately just living and enjoying life one day at a time.