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The Project

This was a completely made up website project in order to help me hone my design and development skills. I took the current Applebee’s website, and while keeping the color scheme similar, recreated the style and feel of the website. Along with the website itself, I also took it upon myself to recreate the Applebee’s logo. The current Applebee’s website, to me, was a little too overcrowded with information, and a little difficult to navigate. With my design, the same information is displayed, but is a little more pleasing to the eye.

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The Process

As with most of my projects, I began sketching and eventually moved on to Photoshop to experiment with different layouts. Because I was only redesigning an already existing website, it was much easier for me to plan and simply rearrange and remove items since no new information had to be created.

Keeping user experience in mind, the entire menu was also completely remodeled, reorganized, and designed to be consistent. With the use of some JQuery, I was also able to manipulate the menu animations to my satisfaction and created a much easier way to navigate the menu. The most difficult part of this project, surprisingly, was the footer. The animations I had in mind were somewhat difficult to master when pairing them with my media queries needed for responsiveness, but, with some trial, error, and a little bit of research, I was able to overcome the issue to complete my footer design and bring this project to a close.

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The End Result

The end result was a beautiful redesign that I am happy to call my own. Not only was I able to practice and experiment with my design and development skills, but I was able to put my organizational skills to the test, eventually having everything flow together better than I could have imagined.

Applebees Website