The Project

This was a project for one of my design classes that I took at HACC. The idea was to create a poster for some type of music concert or festival. We needed a name, location, and future dates and then the design itself could be anything we wanted. I decided on a “Jazz Jam” that would take place in Harrisburg in June of 2016.

The Process

I began by looking up instruments in order to gain some sort of inspiration. I came across a cello and it hit me: Jazz. Now, although jazz bands typically use a double bass more often than the similar-looking cello, cellos are still present in jazz music today, so I decided to take the opportunity to use this for my poster design since it was exactly what I had been looking for. After I had my design in mind, I chose my dates, created a festival name and quickly moved on to research current jazz artists that could play at my fake festival.

With all of my poster elements ready to go, I started to lay out all of my information and experiment with different color schemes in Illustrator. The light blues stood out to me and really seemed to give off that cool vibe that jazz music has to offer, so I decided to stick with those hues. After I had my color palette, I started to place the artists’ names inside of my cello. While doing so, I didn’t quite get the look that I was going for, so I did a little experimenting until I came to a solution that I was happy with. Eventually, I ended up with the cut-in-half design, the straight edge serving as a separator to my other information. This seemed to have to most appealing look, with all of the information being able to be fairly close together without the piece looking too crowded.

The End Result

I was very pleased with my end result, just as the rest of my class and instructor were. I felt that I learned a lot of new Illustrator skills with this project and improved upon my design skills in general. Overall, I feel that my success on this project was mainly due to the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed working on it and hopefully I am able to have more projects like this in the future.