The Project

This was a project that I came across on Briefbox. It is a website for designers to practice their design skills by being given fake projects to work on. This specific project called for a website sign-up form that asked for a clean layout and basic information such as a name, address, e-mail, birthday, etc. Although there were a couple of things I forgot to include due to getting a little carried away with my design, I had fun with the project overall and was happy with the result.

The Process

After looking at all of the other submissions, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a pop-up sign-up form. I noticed that many people failed to have an interesting background, so I began with that. I found a beautiful stock photo of a sunset and decided that that would be my starting point. In order to make the image relevant, I decided to create a sign-up form for a completely made-up vacation website. I created a name/logo, tagline, and chose the information fields I was going to use. Then came the fun part: putting it all together.

In general, I really love the idea of using transparency with overlapping elements, so that’s exactly what I decided to incorporate into this project. I started by creating two layers, both at two different sizes and transparency levels. The less transparent element was the smaller of the two and the one that contained the information. I wanted this layer to still have that transparent effect, bringing the background into play, but obviously not be too transparent so the information could still be easily read. The larger and more transparent of the two elements was used as a bit of a buffer between the background and information-containing element. It gave off more of the effect that I was originally looking for and gave a little more depth to the sign-up form itself. Aside from my information inputs, I created a “Sign Up” button and a “Login” button separated by line elements for emphasis. All of the colors used were colors originally from the background image in an attempt to keep it colorful, but not tacky.

The End Result

Overall, I was very pleased with this design piece. I love having the opportunity to use color in my designs and have always had a love for sleek, elegant layouts that utilize plenty of negative space. That being said, I feel that this piece is a good representation of my design style and personality, making it a great project to show off.